List Of Department Stores In USA

The Who’s Who of the Retail Business:

Here then are some of the names, and their history and evolution from being the friendly neighborhood grocery, to these huge business establishments with listings in the NYSE. Throughout the USA, there are hundreds of department stores that may have either a local presence or a statewide presence, compared to some that have a nationwide and also international presence. In this list of department stores in USA, one can see the smallest to the biggest. However, since this is not a ranking site, the listings are not in any particular order.

Macy’s is a story of continuous growth starting from humble beginnings in the year 1858. They have had this philosophy, of giving back to the society more than what they have taken from them. This entrant in the list of department stores in USA boasts of some ex- employees who have gone on, to become quite famous in other spheres of life, like politics and acting.
Nordstrom is the story of supreme struggle and hard work of a guy who didn’t even speak a word of English when he came to the United States in 1887. However, 14 years later he started the first Nordstrom shoe store, along with a friend, who he met in Alaska. And the store has just grown steadily over the years, to feature as one of the most popular departmental stores in USA that influenced lives.

Bloomingdale’s started their journey to the top of the retail merchandizing industry, with just one single trend item, the hoop skirt. This seems to be an unbelievable story. However, now Bloomingdale has a presence in 12 states in the US and at a Dubai Mall.

Safeway started operations in the year 1915 and have been considered as one of the best grocery and daily needs stores that have grown to be one of the best stores in the list of department stores in USA
Kmart traces its beginnings to a humble 5 and dime store where they stored goods that could be sold just under five and ten cents. It has a rich heritage of over a hundred years. It is also known as one of the best in the list of department stores in USA.

The JC Penney story started more than 110 years ago, when James Cash Penney opened his company on the simple principle of giving the customer more of a quality service along with a premium product. This phenomenon has seen this chain of stores grow, to the size that they are at present.

Wal-Mart is a relatively new entrant in the league of big names in the list of department stores in USA which have left an indelible mark, on the lives of the people, of this country. Started in 1962 in Rogers, Arkansas, it has grown to be in almost a dozen states at last count.

Saks Fifth Avenue is the inspiration of Bernard Gimbel and Horace Saks who used to own their own retail independent stores. However, with the coming together of these two great retail families, the opening of their first flagship store, in a primarily residential neighborhood, paved the way for future greatness, which would land them in the list of department stores in USA which changed the lives of thousands of people.


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